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Rosin Baked Potatoes

Have you ever had rosin baked potatoes? Cooking potatoes in rosin produces the finest baked potato you will ever eat. The extreme heat of molten rosin produces a remarkably light and fluffy potato.

How to bake potatoes in rosin?

Place 10 to 25 lbs rosin in a large iron kettle. This sounds extravagant, but the rosin may be used repeatedly.

Heat rosin to the boiling point. Hot rosin is flammable. So be very careful and keep the flame away from molten rosin.

Slowly lower potatoes one at a time into the rosin using a large slotted wooden-handled spoon.

Allow them to remain in the simmering rosin until they float to the top.

Remove potatoes and place at once diagonally on foot-square sheets of heavy brown paper. Twist the ends of the paper and serve the potatoes in the wrapping.

Why is it so delicious?

The hot resin seals the skin of the potato, allowing it to cook very quickly while holding in the moisture and other nutrients.

What type rosin may be used for baking potatoes?

We only recommend pure, natural, light color rosin for baking potatoes. Such rosins are usually classified as grade WW and are available at The Brazilian Rosin (Product code: BROSIN) is mostly in flakes and is easier to use; however, Chinese rosin (Product code: CROSIN) may also be used as well.


Where to buy gum rosin or pine rosin?

Where to buy Rosin?

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